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Encontres a la web de l'ICFO

Els Encontres amb el Tercer Cicle son una de las actividades en las que me he involucrado más este curso. En la web del ICFO nos hacen una pequeña reseña
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ICFO’s outreach for undergrads at the Faculty of Physics
Giovanni Volpe and Miguel Navascués participate in this workshop

Brochure of the workshop
Two ICFO students, Giovanni Volpe and Miguel Navascués, will participate in the seventh edition of the “Encontres amb el Tercer Cicle”, an activity organised at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, with the aim of approaching the world of research and predoctoral studies to the students in the last courses before their graduations. This year there are 5 conferences planned, which focus on the revolution of the senses that is taking place due to the progress in the fields of nanotechnology, applied physics, signal theory...
Miguel Navascués is a member of the workshop organizing committee, whereas Giovanni Volpe will be presenting a talk entitled: “Laser Fishing”, programmed for Thursday, 17th May at 12.00h in the “Sala de Graus Antiga” – (Old Graduating Hall) of the Faculty of Physics of the UB.
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